What it does

What it does
Fortune Delight® is a naturally revitalizing herbal beverage designed to cleanse and nourish the body. Conveniently packaged in powder form, Fortune Delight® is made with an aromatic blend of concentrated herbal extracts that provide an array of naturally derived nutrients, including polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and tea catechins—all known for their antioxidant properties. While there are many beverages on the market to choose from, Fortune Delight® has stood the test of time as a true “super beverage.”

Superior Formulation
• Made in Sunrider’s state-of-the-art Los Angeles Manufacturing Plants.
• Formulated with concentrated herbal extracts.
• Contains polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and tea catechins.
• Unique formulation based on the Philosophy of Regeneration®.

Convenience & Versatility
• Mixes instantly in hot or cold water.
• Handy 3g packets for on-the-go refreshment.
• Refreshing served ice-cold, soothing served hot.

Market Appeal
• Healthful alternative to regular tea, coffee, and soft drinks.
• Ideal for product demonstrations.
• Easy to promote and share with others.
• Can be part of a weight-management program.

Five Delicious Natural Flavors!
• Cinnamon
• Lemon
• Peach
• Raspberry
• Regular